LoveZagreb – Zagreb Vlog


LoveZagreb is much more than an ordinary informational website. Because here, on LoveZagreb, the Zagreb Tourist Board's blog, you can find stories told by local bloggers and get to know the city in a new way.

Here the stories are more personal, the food is tastier, the music is louder and the city is more magical. You can find out at first hand where to find great coffee, where to find jazz, where to find a proper flea market, where the best beer is… You won't find the secrets revealed in LoveZagreb in ordinary tourist guides. This is where those who write about Zagreb and those who read about Zagreb meet; those who are in love with Zagreb and those who are just about to fall in love. The blog is contributed to by the visitors themselves who send their photos of the city of Zagreb.

Soon LoveZagreb will be further enhanced by a vlog, a video blog which will be published once a month. Andrea Pisac is the author of the vlog in conjunction with Petak productions. The aim is to present in the most picturesque way possible everything that Zagreb has to offer and which its visitors most like to discover; from culture, coffee and cuisine to museums and architecture. All of this will be presented in a «different» way, through innovative and witty stories so that guests can learn not only what is worth seeing but also how to live, Zagreb style.