In Honour of the Dramatic Arts – Theatre Night


Around 38,000 visitors, 86 institutions, 77 locations, 145 performances, 50 supporting events!

That’s how it was last year at “Theatre Night”, the event which celebrates the dramatic arts. There’s no doubt that it will be so this year too on 25 November, when Theatre Night, an event started by the Dubrava Cultural Centre, takes place for the 9th year running.

Theatre Night aims to popularise the dramatic arts at all levels and for all age groups. It is an event which raises awareness of the theatre and effectively influences the development of audiences. From the very beginning Theatre Night has been held on the third Saturday in November, a week before the announcement of the winner of the Croatian Actors Awards by the Croatian Society of Dramatic Arts. Because this year’s Theatre Night would have coincided with the Day of Remembrance for the victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja in the Croatian War of Independence, as a mark of respect the event will be held on 25 November instead. However, even with its new date Theatre Night is sure to confirm the true power of theatre!

Anyone who lives culture is sure to enjoy this project: actors, musicians, those employed in theatres and especially theatregoers who on this night receive more than any other night of the year, from free tickets to a variety of supporting events.Theatre Night will once again turn Croatia into a kingdom of culture, for young and old alike. The day, or rather the night, when the theatre comes into its own this year is 25 November.