Green Ratkaj – Design District Zagreb


The second Design District Zagreb, a festival enjoyed by some 30,000 visitors last year, will be held from 13 to 18 June in Martićeva Street and the surrounding neighbourhood.

This year, over six days Design District Zagreb will offer new aspects and means of consuming cultural content in public spaces.

Within the new Green programme of the festival, Ratkajev prolaz will over the six days of the festival be transformed into Green Ratkaj! Green Ratkaj has been created as the picture of an ideal, sustainable city with human dimensions which satisfies all segments for quality of urban life – in the social, ecological and economical sense. Ratkajev prolaz will be transformed into a place for relaxation and socialising, and through alternative content it will inform about new sustainable methods which contribute to the common good and inspire people to think about social change in the city. Visitors will be able to join in a fun way in the processes which make life in the city sustainable and better in quality through a packed programme: an impressive mobile urban vegetable patch; a set of machines for recycling plastic, a green pop-up forest and a wealth of exciting, enlightening and fun content. Green Ratkaj has been created to itself strive towards sustainability in the process of its realisation and use, as well as in planning further uses for installations after the festival ends, when all elements will be donated to cultural centres or associations which have access to a garden.

As well as the programme in Ratkajev prolaz, the Design District Zagreb Festival will host a number of open air and indoor exhibitions, installations and interventions into public space, guided tours of architectural sights in the neighbourhood, workshops, discussions and round tables, a book fair and literary evenings.