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Dear friends and business partners!

November is the month when Christmas holiday season starts building up. The festivities will once again culminate with Advent in Zagreb, consisting of a series of events which will kick off towards the end of November and turn this city into a fairytale land.

However, the build up to Christmas will start even earlier and provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to enjoy  the impressive offer of cultural and sporting events suitable for all generations.

A decision as to which of those events to attend depends on everybody’s tastes and affinities. One thing is absolutely certain - everybody is bound to find something to satisfy their interest.  In addition, everybody will equally enjoy the special atmosphere in the city.

Now, wherein lies the secret? Some say that it lies in the city’s architecture and the beautiful network of its streets, squares and parks.  Others, on the other hand, find pleasure in its general appearance and the plentiful gastronomic and shopping opportunities.  And again, everybody credits their experience of the city to its positive atmosphere which is created jointly by its citizens and guests, and that synergy and heartfelt hospitality can be felt every step of the way.


Yours sincerely,

Martina Binenfeld


Zagreb Tourist Board

Published: 04.11.2016