An Oasis for Beer Drinkers – The Garden Brewery


Zagreb has the world's only brewery with a disco ball! The Garden Brewery is a craft brewery which skilfully combines excellent craft beer, tasty food and music events.

All of this in the east of Zagreb in the Žitnjak industrial zone with the aim of revitalising that area. A new thing for all visitors is guided tours around the brewery, during which you can find out everything about the beer you love, from how it is made to tasting. During the tour of the brewery guests learn all about the process for brewing beer and the equipment used. The host brewers tell you about the ingredients and teach you what differences in taste and quality the selection of ingredients makes, as well as showing you how beer is packaged. The guided tour enables you to see parts of the brewery that are not open to the public. During this tour the scent of hops emanates at the same time from the brewery and your glass!

On Friday and Saturday evenings the Garden Brewery organises musical events with DJs, while Sundays are reserved for family gatherings with entertainment and games for children between 12 noon and 8 pm, as well as quizzes and live jazz.