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A view of reality - The Museum of Illusions once again becomes a Museum of Reality

Visit the Museum of Illusions, where UNICEF is opening a Museum of Reality once again. With the help of optical illusion, they will present a difficult and oftentimes harrowing reality many children around the globe nowadays live in.

author: Petar Santini

In order to mark 70 years of UNICEF, between December 12th and 18th, Zagreb’s Museum of Illusions will briefly become a Museum of Reality. The inequality, poverty and malnourishment of children, inaccessibility of education, and life in war or exile are acceptable only in illusions. They should not exist in the real world. However, the reality we live in is often different, and many children worldwide still live in a reality which is difficult to bear  and often harrowing. By signing the Convention on the Rights of Children, the world has agreed that children are an especially vulnerable group, and that all children must develop under the same conditions. Despite the media writings about the harsh realities many children are living in, we are oftentimes prepared to implement significant changes only once we ourselves have experienced a different reality.

It is a fact: reading about something or watching it on TV is not the same as experiencing it first hand. Experiences remain forever, and change us forever.

Using the experience of optical illusions which show the reality of the most endangered children, UNICEF will provide visitors of the Museum of Reality with the total opposite to the world of illusions: a realistic, interactive experience which opens new views of the world today, where poverty, natural disasters and war cause hardship to millions of  people, many of them children.

Admission to the Museum of Reality will be free of charge.


Published: 04.11.2016