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A spectacle - The Moscow Circus on Ice at Arena Zagreb

On January 25th and 26th 2017, Arena Zagreb will be the venue for a performance by the Moscow Circus on Ice. A spectacular show packed with dynamic and dizzying circus acts will reveal the magic of human movement that verges on the impossible.

If you are a big kid at heart, and you enjoy watching jugglers, clowns and incredible stunts, come to Arena Zagreb on January 25th and  26th 2017, and attend a spectacular show by the Moscow Circus on Ice. The show, featuring beautiful, shiny costumes and dynamic, dizzying circus acts on ice is dynamic throughout, and it reveals the magic of human movement that verges on the impossible.

This unique circus was founded more than fifty years ago by a Soviet era director, A.G. Arnold, and his plays have thus far been seen by more than two hundred million people in fifty countries. The Russian director could not have realised his original idea of forming a circus on ice had he not had prior experience in the circus and cinema, and with directing, choreography and costume design for music and ballet shows. That is why the Moscow Circus on Ice has always been setting new standards in performance, while its incredible stunts have pushed the boundaries of human ability, enthralling audiences around the globe.

The show was conceived under the artistic leadership of Natalia Abramova, and tickets are already available. They can be purchased via Eventim at prices ranging between 90 and 210 kuna.

Published: 04.11.2016