ZEZ Festival: Listening to Something Different


The second ZEZ Festival, to be held from 10 to 14 April, will offer a program consisting of various music genres, the art of improvisation and excellent experimenting with sound. During five days of the ZEZ Festival you will listen to something different.

The Festival organised by the Institute for Experimental Sound (Institut za eksperimentalni zvuk – ZEZ), which is a part of the club of electrical engineering students (Klub studenata elektrotehnike KSET) is a concert program for different music and its fans. The motto of the festival to be held from 10 and 14 April is “Listen to Something Different”. Experimenting and improvising are the basis of music performed by musicians who take part in the ZEZ festival so the organizers emphasise that the festival is “experience in which you never know what you are going to get.”

The first day of the Festival will start with a multimedia exhibition entitled the Exhibition of Sound. For the fifth time in a row it will gather young artists who explore different approaches to sound through multimedia works, interactive installations, performances and various hybrid forms and formats. The entrance is free of charge.

On the second day of the Festival a Columbian artist, producer and sound artist, Lucrecia Dalt will perform on stage together with a British saxophonist and composer Ben Vince. Performance of the audio-visual trio Norac/Pavičić/Dožić will provide an introduction to the concert.

On Friday, the third day of the Festival, a provocative Russian noise rap duo IC3PEAK will go on stage, as well as the American audio-visual artist bod [包家巷] and a producer from Zagreb mapalma. After the concert there will be an After Party of the ZEZ Festival in collaboration with the Illectricity Festival.

A performance of Polish BNNT and Croatian Karmakumulator, the longest-running experimental noise music project from Split, will take place on Saturday, the fourth day of the Festival.

The last concert of this year’s ZEZ Festival will be put up by a German – American duo, Peter Brötzmann (saxophone and clarinet) and Heather Leigh (pedal steel guitar), who will illustrate the world of noise and chaos we live in with their high-energy exchange of brisk improvisation.

The ticket price for all Festival events is 160 kuna, and the price of tickets for separate concerts ranges between 70 and 90 kuna. The entrance to the Exhibition of Sound is free of charge.