Tough Mudder 5K Urban: A Global Team Challenge Soon Coming to Zagreb


Tough Mudder, the most entertaining endurance challenge in the world and an innovative sports event will take place in Zagreb this October. Join the challenge!

A global hit and a team challenge, Tough Mudder 5K Urban, will take place on 11 and 12 October this year at Bundek Lake and the Sava embankment in Zagreb. Judging by races in other countries so far, persons of various ages, levels of fitness and professions will take part and they mostly apply in teams. There are more than ten innovative obstacles to overcome as a part of this challenge but they are not insuperable. This is especially true due to the fact your own team but also other participants help you to overcome them, which is a peculiarity of the race. Another special feature is the fact that there is no podium so this event cannot be referred to as a typical race but a challenge, considering interesting obstacles, with a lot of fun, good mood and communion. In line with this, those who pass the finish line get an exclusive Tough Mudder headband and t-shirt instead of medals and trophies.

You can apply to Tough Mudder 5K Urban Challenge in Zagreb, which is a humanitarian event, at the or directly at their point of sale. The applications are available until October and the price will gradually increase.

Tough Mudder Inc. was founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. So far, more than 3.5 million persons have participated in this challenge, which is always of a humanitarian character. In 2019 more than 50 Tough Mudder events will be organised in countries worldwide. The event in Zagreb is a chance to feel its unique spirit in this city.