Summer in Zagreb’s Galleries and Museums - Vehabović, Cura, Kaser


José Cura, Karl Kaser and Zlatan Vehabović have bestowed us with works which make it worth the trip to the Art Pavilion and the Zagreb City Museum.

In the Art Pavilion the exhibition “Zlatan Vehabović – Dark White Earth” is running from 20 July to 2 September. Zlatan Vehabović is one of the best young contemporary Croatian painters. In October 2016 he took part in a month-long expedition on a yacht which took a route along the furthest unfrozen region of the Arctic Ocean along the coastline of the island of Svalbard. He documented the whole experience in photographs and created a collection of 30 prototypes which served for the composition of the exhibited pictures.

The exhibition “José Cura – Life Through the Lens of the Famous Tenor”, also in the Art Pavilion, from 9 to 15 July will present the famous Argentinian tenor as a great lover of art photography. Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Art Pavilion in 2018, José Cura will hold a concert on Trg kralja Tomislava and a solo exhibition of photography in the Art Pavilion.

From 7 June to 2 September, an exhibition from the Croatian Museum of Tourism titled “A Pictography of the Adriatic Coast by Photographer Karl Kaser” will be visiting the Zagreb City Museum. Kaser visited Opatija, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Kotor in 1897. Following that he returned almost every year, right up to the start of the First World War. Kaser’s photographs do not only have artistic value, they have documentary, cultural and historical value. This rich photographic inheritance numbers some 450 photographs of the Croatian coast taken between 1897 and 1914.