Silentcaffe - Order Your Coffee in Sign Language


Zagreb has the first café in Croatia staffed by people with impaired hearing.

The city of Zagreb has a new and very special café, Silentcaffe. This is the first café in Croatia where you are served by people who cannot hear you. The project, financed by the City of Zagreb, is an example of socially responsible business. With the assistance of the Croatian Institute for Employment three waiters have been employed who will take your order impeccably even though they have impaired hearing. In Silentcaffe you place your order using a tablet, and with one click call a waiter when you’re ready to pay. On TV screens in the café you can see a film which shows how to order the most popular drink in sign language. Regular visitors have already learned the basics of sign language.

Silentcaffe is a very special place in the city. This is not somewhere you go just to quench your thirst, but because of the unique atmosphere and the great staff.