A Master Photographer in the Museum of Contemporary Art - Arno Rafael Minkkinen


The Museum of Contemporary Art from 9 December to 22 January presents the work of the Finnish American photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

The exhibition Obala neba / Taivaanranta / Firmament gives an overview of the photographic opus of an artist who through his consistency and purity of expression has for years been attracting the attention of audiences worldwide. Wondrous self portraits, unmanipulated photographs of human subjects in natural surroundings have become his signature and at the same time the language through which he canonically and consistently communicates a poetic and surreal vision of the world and refects it using his body as a mirror.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen was born in 1945 in Finland. In 1951 he emigrated to the USA where he still lives and works today. Over the past four decades, Minkkinen has been working as a lecturer, curator and writer continuing at the same time to devote his energy to photographic explorations of the self-portrait. His works have been exhibited in almost all of the significant museums and galleries tasked with the promotion of contemporary art. The Zagreb exhibition is special in that it presents a series of works by Minkkinen taken in Croatia. During 2017 he spent two weeks in Zagreb and Croatia creating works for a new production and these have become a component part both of the exhibition and of the internationally renowned opus of this photographer.